TinselTrade, a Global Film & Entertainment Agency

We, at TinselTrade, are passionate curators of media and entertainment content across the globe, and play at many levels to support original content producers and leading movie producers, artists, celebrities and musicians world over in their marketing effort.

Sourcing Exclusives, UniqueGlobal Content

We make it our business to source original content.

At Tinsel Trade, we believe core strength lies in being able to partner with content producers on all aspects of marketing and make it appealing to audiences beyond the barriers of region. Leveraging the TinselTrade network, our boutique agency curates some of the most original entertainment content including movies, TV shows, live events, games, social and digital, sports, and music videos from across the world.

You Focus on Creativity, Let Us Focus on Marketing

At TinselTrade, our primary job as an agency is to help you market and monetize your next creative venture.

Our team of seasoned advertising and marketing experts does what it takes to market your content globally without compromising your artistic integrity or creative freedom. Including, when needed, matchmaking the right content and brand along the way with our proprietary patented technology for product placement.

A Right Mix - Unique Product Placement Capabilities & Strong Brand Network Globally

One of our strengths is the close association we have with the leading brands globally, be it any vertical, right from FMCG to Luxury Cars to Travel to Fashion and Apparel.

We realize in this digital age, the entertainment has to be the advertisement, and the advertisement has to be entertaining. The boundaries have disappeared into the 0’s and 1’s of our digital present.

We understand brand placement, when done correctly and with integrity, fosters the recall, positive brand association and information dissemination only the best ad spots achieve with the most successful campaigns. So we have enlisted top 300 plus brands in the country, representing 80% of India’s advertising budgets to work with us closely on their media spends and select content uniquely suited to their brand objectives.

In terms of process, we work closely with these brands as consultants on what movies to do cross-marketing and in-film integration with, events and sport activities they should support and sponsor, what new artists and content to nurture, to go with traditional or digital and social. To us, it is all-content at the center.